Cape Cod ABCs details some of the Cape's most popular attractions and treasures in charming rhymes. Both young and older readers will love the delightful illustrations. It is a lovely must-read for anyone who wants to discover or reminisce about all the fun Cape Cod has to offer!

N is for Nantucket

Do you recognize this iconic spot on the island of Nantucket?

G is for Gulls

Seagulls are frequent beach visitors and will try to steal the treats you packed if you're not careful!

X is for Railroad Crossing

Lots of things to see on scenic Cape Cod even by train!

Here's a delightful picture book for toddlers through kindergarten or first grade that teaches about the Cape in a more in-depth manner than you might expect from an ABC book. Bourne author Leslie Hatton and illustrator Kate Walls of South Yarmouth use vibrant colors to attract and dazzle young eyes, but they don't talk down to the kids, who will learn a lot while enjoying story time."

Melanie Lauwers, Cape Cod Times Books Editor

We have been reading it every night before bed. Thank you for sharing your story with me. Good luck with your book and hopefully we'll see more from you!!

Stacey Powers - Teacher, Mom

Children no longer have to collect seashells, seaglass or even sand to remember their vacation to the Cape. Leslie Hatton cleverly bottles up those magical memories in this educational and entertaining book that also contains brilliant illustrations by Kate Walls!"

T.M. Murphy of
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